Lesson Fees,Openings & Studio Policy

The Ron Willmot Piano & Flute Studio

Before contacting me, I ask that you carefully read my fee & policy page. Teaching piano & flute is my full-time occupation and I can’t afford to take on anyone who would disregard my policies.

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1 Student
The weekly fee for a ½ hour lesson is $24.00 dollars. A one hour lesson is $44.00 dollars. (It’s strongly recommended to take an hour lesson if your child is preparing for a grade 6 exam or above. There is a tremendous amount of material that is difficult to cover in just 30 minutes.)
2 Students, 1 Family
The weekly fee for 2 students each taking a ½ hour lesson is $44.00 dollars.
3 Students, 1 Family
The weekly fee for 3 students each taking a ½ hour lesson is $ 64.00 dollars.
4 Students or more, 1 Family
Please contact me to discuss my rate if you have 4 or more children.
  • Lesson Fees are to paid by cash or cheque on the first week of every monthYou can also pay by Interac. Several of the families I teach are now using this form of payment.
  • You are responsible for paying for all lessons you cancel. This is standard in all music schools. However, if you give me at least 24 hours notice you will be given a makeup lesson at our mutual discretion.
  • Music is free of chargeStudents are required to provide their own binders. I recommend that the binders be approximately 1 ½ to 2 inches thick. (Please do not bring duo-tangs or zippered binders.) The only exception is if you are going to be performing for an RCM exam. Photocopies are not allowed within the examination room and so parents must purchase their own examination books.
  • My lesson year begins the day after Labour Day in September and ends the last week of public school in June. People taking early leave and not paying till the end of June will not be accepted back in September. (Please remember that teaching is how I make my living and I can’t afford to be laid off) I strongly recommend that students who are preparing for exams, allowing for holidays, continue lessons throughout the summer months. Students are welcome to continue lessons throughout the summer months. I find that, on average, at least 60% of my students take lessons throughout July & August.
  • There are no registration fees. I do ask that as a courtesy you provide at least two weeks notice of terminating lessons.
  • There are no lessons on statutory holidays. Listed holidays are Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, and Canada Day. I allow for 2 weeks over the Christmas holiday and 1 week over March break. If you choose to be on holiday prior or after the March break you are responsible for paying but again….you can make it up…so neither of us looses.
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