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i can teach you how to play the piano!

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It’s never too late to take piano lessons!
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Lessons are always conducted in a fun, relaxed and no pressure atmosphere!
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I do my best to get you playing right away!
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I’m happy to teach you on a seasonal basis. Some of my students go south for the winter and we get together from spring to fall only.
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You choose the music you want to learn.
I have a huge library of music to choose from. What music do love to listen to? I have classical, popular songs from the 30’s to the present, early & late rock, Christmas music, Christian music such as Gospel, hymns and contemporary. I have specific bands & artists like Abba, The Beatles, Michael Buble, ….all the way through to Neil Young. I have Movie music, broadway music, jazz, blues & country. Chances are, I have the music you want!
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Music is Free of Charge.
You’re more than welcome to bring any books you’d like to study from….but there’s probably no need. The one thing I do ask of everyone is to bring a simple binder, no duo tangs or zip-up binders as they’re are difficult to use.

Some Thoughts on Learning Piano…..

  • You’re probably wondering….What do you mean that you can teach me to play the piano?First and foremost you must allow yourself the time & patience it takes to learn to play any instrument. It’s certainly not something that happens overnight. Learning piano is similar to that of learning a new language. You also need to be kind to yourself and not beat yourself up emotionally if you haven’t had time to practice. Some weeks are good and some weeks… well….not so good…that’s just the way it goes. I strongly believe that you MUST do this in the spirit of fun. People who take themselves too seriously generally do not last. I have some amazing adult piano & flute students and they’re here to have a fun time!
  • You should have a properly working piano or keyboard.If you have a piano, make sure it is tuned and none of the keys are sticking. It’s not a bad idea to call up a piano tuner to get the piano into good working order. You can find a link to the person who tunes my piano here. If you have a keyboard it should be touch sensitive (i.e. it plays like a piano) and it should also have a sustain pedal. If you don’t, you can purchase a pedal for around $30.00 dollars or less. I wouldn’t suggest going cheap…and I mean less than around $500.00 dollars, if you can afford it. After all, it really helps if you have an instrument you enjoy listening to! If you don’t own either a piano or keyboard, it is possible to rent an electric piano from Long & Mcquade in Pickering. I recently helped one of my new students pick out a keyboard that both suited her financially and sound-wise. I’m happy to do the same thing for you (no charge)
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